Inside the Favelas: Rio de Janeiro


308 pages; 8 1/2 x 11″; hardcover;
268 4/c and b/w photos


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Foreword by Sérgio Cabral Filho, governor of Rio de Janeiro.

This first and extraordinary investigation by author and photographer Douglas Mayhew takes readers to places—both physical and intellectual—that most Brazilians themselves have never visited, never mind the rest of the world: the notorious shantytowns called favelas.

Ruled as fiefdoms by drug lords and other criminals, the favelas have sprung up illegally throughout Rio and captured Mayhew’s attention. This gifted photographer is the first to not only enter and report, but also to create a visual story explaining these environments through photos and essays. Exhibitions are planned for Geneva, Madrid, London, Germany, among others, in tandem with the Brazilian government, which has supported this project and will facilitate its worldwide publication.

About the Author:

Author and photographer Douglas Mayhew lives between New York City and Rio de Janeiro with his dog Cairo. His interest in the favela worlds began when he worked as a volunteer in the children’s wing in one of Rio’s largest public hospitals.

Douglas moderated the 2012 Global Economic Symposium in Rio de Janeiro on the topic of Favelas. He continues to work within the Favela world context, his work emphasizing social responsibility through community action and dialogue.

308 pages; 8 1/2 x 11″; hardcover;
268 4/c and b/w photos