Velo (3rd Gear) | Bicycle Culture and Stories


Bicycle Culture and Stories. Gestalten 2016. Englisch. 256 Seiten, 24 x 28 cm. 1,6 kg. Fester Einband.


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Bicycles are the new cars.

Whether custom-made, sleek, playful, or electric, they are not only means of transportation but also have cultural value. Velo 3rd Gear introduces the world s best bikes along with their makers and related products.

Bikes don t just bring us from point A to point B within the places where we live. We also use them for commuting in and out of cities, racing, weekend touring, or exploring the world for months at a time. Riding a bike is more than a means of transportation; it s a way of life.

The global bicycle scene, which has been growing for years, is spawning ever more astounding developments and innovations. Commuters can now choose from a range of impressively slender e-bikes while Californian cross-bikers can ride through landscapes at ever faster speeds. Whether on fixies or cargo bikes, through rough terrain or urban rush hours, frame builders and bicycle lovers from around the world are defining the pedal-fueled future. Velo 3rd Gear takes us there.